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Sleep & Wellness Centers operates its sleep centers in full compliance with requirements of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and The Joint Commission, and most centers are Accredited by either or both Accrediting bodies.

Clinical staff are mostly Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, some are Respiratory Therapists, and those that work in states where licensure is required, all staff are licensed by that state.

The main technology utilized for data acquisition is the latest generation Respironics Alice6 system, with G3 analysis software. Sleep & Wellness has designed a robust technical infrastructure allowing for secure, remote data access, with multiple redundancies to protect against data loss.

Customized study montages and reports are available to our client physicians who interpret studies, all of whom are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, or work under direct supervision of a Board Certified Sleep physician.

To learn more about technical services, call our office at 800-657-1920 and a corporate representative can speak with you.

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