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Diagnosis - Sleep Testing

Comprehensive sleep testing is often referred to as polysomnography.

The polysomnogram measures multiple bio-signals at the same time while you sleep. These signals include:

  • Oximetry: The amount of oxygen in your bloodstream.

  • Air Flow in and out of your lungs

  • Body Position (left, right or supine)

  • Brain waves (EEG)

  • Breathing effort and rate by measuring chest wall movement

  • Electrical activity of muscles (EMG)

  • Eye movements

  • Heart Rate

  • Sleep time by analysis of sleep stages

The data is collected during an overnight stay at one of the hotel-like bedrooms located at a Sleep & Wellness Sleep Center.

Data is analyzed by credentialed clinicians, with an interpretation and treatment suggestions provided by Board Certified sleep specialist physicians.

In some cases, patients who are certain they do not have other complicating medical conditions or other potential causes of excessive daytime sleepiness (that could ruled out with a comprehensive sleep test), attenuated parameter sleep studies can be done at home. Contact your local Sleep & Wellness Center for more information

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