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Oral Appliances

Sleep and Wellness Centers has created a service affiliation with Golden Slumber, Inc., to offer Oral Appliance Therapy as an alternate or adjunctive therapy to CPAP.

Under this program, Sleep and Wellness Centers will perform diagnostic testing on patients referred for suspicion of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Patients with appropriate clinical indicators and individual preferences will be referred to a local dentist to be fitted for an Oral Appliance.

Golden Slumber is a dentistry-driven company focused on building a network of dentists to provide Oral Appliances for patients referred through this unique arrangement between the local Sleep Center and community dentist.  Golden Slumber will train and certify the community dentist on patient application and management of the Oral Appliance. Network dentists will be supplied the Oral Appliance itself (Durable Medical Equipment), and Golden Slumber will manage patient billing and reimbursement; and pay the network dentist a fee for their services.

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