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JUNE 2018: New Partnerships

Texas Medical Diagnostic is pleased to announce several new joint partnerships with community organizations including Sleep Healers, diabetic patient workshops outlining the  benefits of treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy not only to manage weight, but decrease insulin resistance and blood pressure. We are committed to ongoing education with our Clinical Sleep Educators and Diagnostic Consultants bringing the latest news in diagnostic testing and treatment to your community. Lastly we are  working closely with discharge planning and the respiratory departments  within hospitals to ensure the best in patient care as to prevent unnecessary readmissions and reoccurring medical issues. Melanie Musgrave, Diagnostic Consultant stated, "Sleep effects every aspect of your health and wellness.  I am committed to bringing awareness and tools to providers and the patients they server in order for them to truly Sleep Better, Feel Better, Live Better."  Stacey Alvarado-Smith, Chief Operations Officer, agrees adding, "We  offer 12 full service sleep centers in North Texas, we have the most registered sleep technologists in the nation and our board certified physicians specialize not only in sleep, but neurology, pulmonary, family, and internal medicine. Patient care and finding a solution to your sleep issue is our first priority".

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